iPoetry 101

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娱乐 教育
开发 Joel Epstein
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This program is designed to help you become more confident in your ability to write poetry. Using step-by-step instructions for eight different types of poems, the program provides plenty of opportunities for practice and suggestions for improving your work.

The eight types of poems included are:
- 5-Line
- 5-W
- Because
- Diamond
- Layered
- Sentence
- Topic
- Wish

For each of these poem types, the program provides:
- Objectives
- Example poems
- Brainstorming and Prewriting Activities
- Step-by-step writing instructions
- Tips for revision

Once you have been able to successfully complete the structured poems provided in this program, you will be able to begin creating more complex work. The specific skills you will learn by using this program include:

- identifying formulas for creating structured forms of poetry.
- appreciating the importance of prewriting and revision
- using figurative language
- creating a sustained image

A final delightful feature of this program is its ability to create its own poetry. Using the rules for each of the structured poems, the program can create billions of unique examples. Some of these poems may be rather nonsensical. Others may be thought-provoking. And some may provide interesting stems for your own writing efforts.